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1. What is Cleanet?
CLEANET is a paper tissue box holder that allows you to adhere your tissue box to the dash, floor or ceiling of your automobile depending on the models (i.e., Model # 001 may be used for the ceiling as well). CLEANET can also conveniently be adhered to other surfaces in your boat, airplane, business or home. With the holder's Velcro patch, you can securely attach the tissue holder to any surface with no mess or hassle. Even more, It may prevent causing traffic accidents.

2. How do I use this tissue holder?
First, locate a clean, dry surface and adhere the Velcro patch. Second, unzip the holder and insert the tissue box. Third, attach the tissue box holder to the Velcro base.

Note: Once the Velcro patch has been adhered to a surface, it is not recommended it be changed often.

Warning: 1. Please keep this tissue holder away from children. 2. Do not place this product on or near a surface where an air bag is located.

3. Where can I buy this product?

You can buy this product by calling 1-626-289-8826 or at

   a) Nan Hua Book Store - 1436 S. Atlantic Blvd.. Alhambra, CA 91801

4. I want to be a distributor for selling this product. How can I get started?
First, please check the minimum order requirements as a distributor. Then fill out the application. Email us at

El Espanol: Cleanet es un soporte que le permite fijar su caja de toallitas de papel al tablero, piso o techo de su automobile. Cleanet tambien puede ser fijado a cualquier superficie en su barco, avion, negocio, o casa. Con el parche de Velero, puede fijar seguramente el soporte de caja en cualquier lugar comodo.

a. Localice un area limpia y seca para colocar el parche de Velcro.
b. Abra el soporte con la cremallera, inserte la caja de toallitas de papel, y cierrello de nuevo.
c. Coloque el soporte en el parche de Velcro.

Nota: Una vez que el parche de Velcro es adherido a una superficie, no se recomienda cambiar repetidamente a otra superficie.

Advertencia: Mantenga esta bolsa fuera del alcance de los ninos.


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